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UCCS Faculty and Staff Email List

Faculty/Staff Email list Help

To send to the UCCS faculty or staff lists, you must first login to the application using your UCCS username and password.

Next, you must read and accept the terms regarding Policy #700-002 concerning responsible computing use. This includes the understanding that your email content is not abusive and cannot serve to harass, intimidate, threaten or discriminate.

If you are subscribed to both the faculty and staff lists, please select the target list(s) for your message. If you are only subscribed to either the faculty or staff list, that list will default as your only option.

Finally, fill in the subject field and select if your message will be in text or HTML format. You will then be able to write or paste the content of the message into the message body text box. If you are sending in HTML format, you will be able to use various buttons to create text effects such as font size, color, boldface and/or italics. If interested, you will also have the ability to attach small, commonly used files such as Word documents, images, PDFs, and Excel files to the email.

After pressing the submit button your message will be sent to the selected list(s).

If you are not authorized to send to either the faculty or staff lists please contact the UCCS Information Technology Help Desk (719)255-3536.

If you are having trouble with the faculty and staff email list application please contact the the UCCS Information Technology Help Desk (719)255-3536.